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The prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said Afghanistan and Australia shared a solid connection that had doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel been forged over more than a century; tracing ties from the Afghan cameleers of the 1860s through to Australias military efforts to free Afghanistan of terrorism in the 21st century. During this visit, discussions will focus on our ongoing security and development cooperation to help Afghanistan in its efforts to become more prosperous, secure and self-reliant, Turnbull said. In particular, we will seek to enhance partnership between our nations in a number of fields including womens and girls empowerment, public sector capacity building and agricultural productivity. Ghani, president of conflict-riven Afghanistan since 2014, is a divisive figure whose administration has been heavily criticised for a series of governance crises, a failing economy and worsening security situation across the country. He is especially unpopular within the Hazara community, which argues he has failed to protect it from attack from anti-Shia insurgent groups, and over the Tutap powerline, a major electricity line which was re-routed away from the Hazara-majority area of Afghanistan,and which would have brought electricity and industry to Hazara communities. In Australia there is particular concern too over the forcible return of Hazara asylum seekers to Afghanistan. Related: The plight of the Hazara: we can't bear any more tragedy | Abdul Karim Hekmat Sajjad Askary, who fled to Australia as a child and was afforded protection as a refugee, urged the Australian government to refuse any deal to expedite the forced return of asylum seekers. As a former Afghan refugee, I had to make the dangerous journey to Australia, travelling through physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 deadly oceans on a tiny boat, and it was the Australian government who generously answered my desperate call for help, Askary said. This country has given me a second chance at life but there are still thousands of Hazara people in desperate need of help. If Hazara people are deported back to Afghanistan, Otolaryngologist home loan they will be subject to significant torture, abuse and potentially death. Related: New Zealand accused of cover-up over Afghan civilian deaths Australia has been one of the few countries to consistently forcibly return Afghan asylum seekers to their home country. The deportation of Afghans has been blocked by superior courts of several countries, including the UK, but Ghani has been pushing for new agreements over recent months to encourage European nations in particular to return Afghans. Since 2014, Australia has forcibly returned several The Guardian understands fewer than 10 Hazara Afghans to Afghanistan, after it judged they did not meet Australias protection obligations.

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